Sasquatch meditation

Yesterday Sasquatch came to me in meditation.  I asked a few questions and didn’t receive any answers.  So I asked for a healing which seems to be his purpose for visiting lately.  He placed one hand on my forehead and one at the nap of my neck and I could feel healing energy running.  Something told me to put my hands on top of his and the energy increased.  Very very powerful energy channeling.

Next he took me on a journey.  I found myself in the woods by a camp fire and there were other Sasquatch there.  I heard “my family”.  There were two other adults, a female and male and a younger male, like a teenager.

The Sasquatch that brought me and myself starting communicating telepathically.

I had asked if this is where they live?

No, we stay here when we visit.  That is why we appear the way we are, so we can survive in the forest.  That way we don’t need housing and modern day conveniences.  We can come, observe and leave without being detected.

I asked where they come from.

We exist as hmmm a thought form.  But we can appear as Sasquatch form.  We are the stars.  Look at the stars above.  They are us.

I believe I tried to ask more, there was no further communication.  I thanked them and the journey ended.


Author: smallelk

The following are some of my accomplishments on my spiritual path: I have practised and studied Shamanism for over 15 years In another month I will have my Bachelor of Shamanism completed. Completed two years of Shamanism studies with a Shaman Elder. Completed Basic Shamanism and Extraction through Michael Harner’s Foundation. I have my Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity with World Reiki Ministry for work I have done and will continue to do. Sacred Energy Practitioner Certified Psychic reader, Aura reader and Psychic Medium. Certified Animal Communicator with WMA Reverend with the Universal Life Church I am Reiki Master/Teacher of 18 Modalities of Reiki Soon to be a Reverse Speech Pratitioner (have finished Investigator n Analyst) Aho! (I Speak My Truth)

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