Sasquatch Curiosity

What an awesome visit today.  Sitting in what I call Shamanic Consciousness (where I do my healings and communications with Spirit), I stand in my light and sense others outside my circle of vision in the dark.  I ask for them to come forward only if they are loving and light spirits.

The first to come into my circle of light is the Big Guy!  I asked what they liked to be referred to as, Sasquatch, Beings etc.

He says we are called many things.

I ask what is your name?

He responds with I think “Riphan or Rifan”.

I ask why you are communicating with me today?

Riphan says we are curious.  And behind Riphan more Sasquatch start entering my circle of light.  I think maybe 6.  They are talking among themselves agreeing with what Riphan said.  Curious.

I told Riphan I am having pain in mostly my left temple. “Do you know what this is?”

Riphan grunts and puts a hand on each of my temples and starts sending healing.  Meanwhile another one pats me on the top of my head rather roughly like Yemon did.  Thump Thump Thump. LOL  And yet two more take each of my hands, looking at them palm up and talking among themselves.  She has the galaxies in her hands.  The other agrees while still examining my hand.

Still another one is walking slowly around me, looking me over.

I ask “What does that mean?”

One answers “We are all connected”.

I ask “Will you teach me more about this?”

There is a loud noise outside that jerks me out of my journey.  I try to get reconnected and could not.

Smallelk March 6, 2018

Author: smallelk

The following are some of my accomplishments on my spiritual path: I have practised and studied Shamanism for over 15 years In another month I will have my Bachelor of Shamanism completed. Completed two years of Shamanism studies with a Shaman Elder. Completed Basic Shamanism and Extraction through Michael Harner’s Foundation. I have my Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity with World Reiki Ministry for work I have done and will continue to do. Sacred Energy Practitioner Certified Psychic reader, Aura reader and Psychic Medium. Certified Animal Communicator with WMA Reverend with the Universal Life Church I am Reiki Master/Teacher of 18 Modalities of Reiki Soon to be a Reverse Speech Pratitioner (have finished Investigator n Analyst) Aho! (I Speak My Truth)

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