Sasquatch Stick n more

I just received my Sasquatch stick in the mail from Garrett Duncan of Navajo Illuminations. I opened the envelope and first pulled out the card with the note from Garrett & Uniak. When I read the message I don’t even know how to explain the feeling. My head shook, I felt something like being in shock, like I made a connection of some sort. Funny, the voice in my mind just kept saying “OH BOY” Kind of like, oh boy, what have I got myself into. LOL I sat at my desk for several minutes drinking in this energy before I even opened the rest of the contents in the envelope. Finally I pulled out the stick, unwrapped it, held it to my third eye, my heart and then my breath. This is to introduce my intent to Sasquatch, although I doubt they need to be introduced to me.

I contacted Garrett and he told me to try something right away with it. First I smelled the Pine scent of the stick, which activates your connection to Sasquatch. Then I drew my first box which was not parallel to the floor, stepped inside and the energy was overwelmingly chaotic. I brushed the stick down arms etc. Stepped out and erased box. Drew a new better box, stepped inside and felt LOVE. Then received a message “you have finally found your home” I am very energy sensitive and the area around me is radiating with energy.

I took the stick to work and cleansed my work station and really noticed a positive difference in energy.  Then I did the same for a co-worker who had a stress pain in the neck.  She said, you know, I don’t understand what exactly you do, but I keep an open mind.  But I have to tell you the pain went away the moment I stepped into the box.

Then I watched Garrett’s talk at last years Sasquatch conference. Everything resonated with me. Near the end, Garrett shares a few Sasquatch words and teaches how to use them. One of them is u non ki and if spoken softly 3 times and tapping the heart at the same time means “remember who we are” “universe is always from the heart”. I did this and felt unconditional love in return.

So, I didn’t have much time to practise, so I wrote the words on paper to study while driving to my mothers. (My mother sees spirits and is psychic.) I am driving along with the radio playing and I sense someone sitting in the passenger seat. Then I hear “turn off that music, you are supposed to be studying” LOL So I turned the music off and practised pronouncing the words and felt their vibration.

So I reach my mothers, and our visits haven’t been enjoyable lately. We have a history of issues and now she is at the beginning of dementia which makes things more challenging. I mentioned she sees spirits. So I am going to give her a healing with the Stick and I am standing infront of her explaining it and she is looking past me. When I am finished Mother says, there is someone standing behind you, but it doesn’t look like my regular spirits. Its just a shape of energy. OMG my mother SAW Sasquatch! I don’t see spirits I just communicate with them, so this was sooo exciting.

I created a box, had my mother stand in it while using stick like you would a smudge. Then let her sit in this box for our visit. After an hour I asked if she noticed anything, but she couldn’t quite understand my question as she doesn’t recognize energy etc. I asked if she felt better, and she hummed and hawed. But I noticed a difference. We had a great conversation, light hearted, she didn’t get confused as usual. She was very alert and interested in our conversation.

Author: smallelk

The following are some of my accomplishments on my spiritual path: I have practised and studied Shamanism for over 15 years In another month I will have my Bachelor of Shamanism completed. Completed two years of Shamanism studies with a Shaman Elder. Completed Basic Shamanism and Extraction through Michael Harner’s Foundation. I have my Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity with World Reiki Ministry for work I have done and will continue to do. Sacred Energy Practitioner Certified Psychic reader, Aura reader and Psychic Medium. Certified Animal Communicator with WMA Reverend with the Universal Life Church I am Reiki Master/Teacher of 18 Modalities of Reiki Soon to be a Reverse Speech Pratitioner (have finished Investigator n Analyst) Aho! (I Speak My Truth)

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