Sasquatch Stick n more

I just received my Sasquatch stick in the mail from Garrett Duncan of Navajo Illuminations. I opened the envelope and first pulled out the card with the note from Garrett & Uniak. When I read the message I don’t even know how to explain the feeling. My head shook, I felt something like being in shock, like I made a connection of some sort. Funny, the voice in my mind just kept saying “OH BOY” Kind of like, oh boy, what have I got myself into. LOL I sat at my desk for several minutes drinking in this energy before I even opened the rest of the contents in the envelope. Finally I pulled out the stick, unwrapped it, held it to my third eye, my heart and then my breath. This is to introduce my intent to Sasquatch, although I doubt they need to be introduced to me.

I contacted Garrett and he told me to try something right away with it. First I smelled the Pine scent of the stick, which activates your connection to Sasquatch. Then I drew my first box which was not parallel to the floor, stepped inside and the energy was overwelmingly chaotic. I brushed the stick down arms etc. Stepped out and erased box. Drew a new better box, stepped inside and felt LOVE. Then received a message “you have finally found your home” I am very energy sensitive and the area around me is radiating with energy.

I took the stick to work and cleansed my work station and really noticed a positive difference in energy.  Then I did the same for a co-worker who had a stress pain in the neck.  She said, you know, I don’t understand what exactly you do, but I keep an open mind.  But I have to tell you the pain went away the moment I stepped into the box.

Then I watched Garrett’s talk at last years Sasquatch conference. Everything resonated with me. Near the end, Garrett shares a few Sasquatch words and teaches how to use them. One of them is u non ki and if spoken softly 3 times and tapping the heart at the same time means “remember who we are” “universe is always from the heart”. I did this and felt unconditional love in return.

So, I didn’t have much time to practise, so I wrote the words on paper to study while driving to my mothers. (My mother sees spirits and is psychic.) I am driving along with the radio playing and I sense someone sitting in the passenger seat. Then I hear “turn off that music, you are supposed to be studying” LOL So I turned the music off and practised pronouncing the words and felt their vibration.

So I reach my mothers, and our visits haven’t been enjoyable lately. We have a history of issues and now she is at the beginning of dementia which makes things more challenging. I mentioned she sees spirits. So I am going to give her a healing with the Stick and I am standing infront of her explaining it and she is looking past me. When I am finished Mother says, there is someone standing behind you, but it doesn’t look like my regular spirits. Its just a shape of energy. OMG my mother SAW Sasquatch! I don’t see spirits I just communicate with them, so this was sooo exciting.

I created a box, had my mother stand in it while using stick like you would a smudge. Then let her sit in this box for our visit. After an hour I asked if she noticed anything, but she couldn’t quite understand my question as she doesn’t recognize energy etc. I asked if she felt better, and she hummed and hawed. But I noticed a difference. We had a great conversation, light hearted, she didn’t get confused as usual. She was very alert and interested in our conversation.

Sasquatch Curiosity

What an awesome visit today.  Sitting in what I call Shamanic Consciousness (where I do my healings and communications with Spirit), I stand in my light and sense others outside my circle of vision in the dark.  I ask for them to come forward only if they are loving and light spirits.

The first to come into my circle of light is the Big Guy!  I asked what they liked to be referred to as, Sasquatch, Beings etc.

He says we are called many things.

I ask what is your name?

He responds with I think “Riphan or Rifan”.

I ask why you are communicating with me today?

Riphan says we are curious.  And behind Riphan more Sasquatch start entering my circle of light.  I think maybe 6.  They are talking among themselves agreeing with what Riphan said.  Curious.

I told Riphan I am having pain in mostly my left temple. “Do you know what this is?”

Riphan grunts and puts a hand on each of my temples and starts sending healing.  Meanwhile another one pats me on the top of my head rather roughly like Yemon did.  Thump Thump Thump. LOL  And yet two more take each of my hands, looking at them palm up and talking among themselves.  She has the galaxies in her hands.  The other agrees while still examining my hand.

Still another one is walking slowly around me, looking me over.

I ask “What does that mean?”

One answers “We are all connected”.

I ask “Will you teach me more about this?”

There is a loud noise outside that jerks me out of my journey.  I try to get reconnected and could not.

Smallelk March 6, 2018

Sasquatch meditation

Yesterday Sasquatch came to me in meditation.  I asked a few questions and didn’t receive any answers.  So I asked for a healing which seems to be his purpose for visiting lately.  He placed one hand on my forehead and one at the nap of my neck and I could feel healing energy running.  Something told me to put my hands on top of his and the energy increased.  Very very powerful energy channeling.

Next he took me on a journey.  I found myself in the woods by a camp fire and there were other Sasquatch there.  I heard “my family”.  There were two other adults, a female and male and a younger male, like a teenager.

The Sasquatch that brought me and myself starting communicating telepathically.

I had asked if this is where they live?

No, we stay here when we visit.  That is why we appear the way we are, so we can survive in the forest.  That way we don’t need housing and modern day conveniences.  We can come, observe and leave without being detected.

I asked where they come from.

We exist as hmmm a thought form.  But we can appear as Sasquatch form.  We are the stars.  Look at the stars above.  They are us.

I believe I tried to ask more, there was no further communication.  I thanked them and the journey ended.


Yemon Dec 10, 17

When Yemon appeared my face hurt for some reason.

Smallelk:  Would you please give me healing.

Yemon: Yes

Yemon placed hands on each side of my face and the sensation I got was what I would guess would be the state between awake and slipping off to sleep.  The pain went away.

Smallelk:  Are you here to teach me?

Yemon:  I have been teaching you.  I directed you to the site of Sasquatch messages and teachings.

Smallelk:  I have read two chapters so far and they are a little hard to understand.

Yemon:  It will all come to you.  It will all make sense.  But some others posts you must only believe if they resonate with you.  If you feel it inside.

Smallelk:  I read in the channelling from several places that marbles are left as a sign of your race being there.  I use to receive marbles in my driveway and yard at my house.  Was this a sign?

Yemon:  Yes they were communicating but you were not ready.

Smallelk:  Would you come to me in my dream time and teach me?

Yemon:  Yes, you must try very hard to remember and I will help you.

Smallelk:  Thank you

Guest on David Oates Radio show Dec. 8,17

This Friday Dec. 8, 2017 @ 3pm PST  which is the second 1/2 of the show, I will be a guest on David Oates Radio show and we will be playing the Sasquatch reversals I found, among other things.

David Oates is my teacher and founder of Reverse Speech

This Weeks Show Outline

Show Date: Friday the 8th of December 2-4 PM PST (US West Coast) or Saturday 9-11 AM AEDT Sydney time

Show Repeat Times: Saturday 11 AM – 1 PM (London Saturday 7 PM – 9 PM) – and Saturday 5-7 PM

First Hour: General News Reversals, Reversals From The Archives

Second Hour: Coming Soon!

You can listen live here:


Sasquatch Communication Dec 6, 2017

Communication Dec. 6, 2017

Smallelk: I am to be interviewed this Friday and play the reversals you heard.

Yemon: We are pleased. Getting information out.

Smallelk: Evelyn wants to know how you knew the necklace.

Yemon: You said you would wear a necklace when I can communicate with you and that one came to mind and that you were going to give it garnet eyes.

Smallelk: How long has your race existed

Yemon: Before Earth

Smallelk: Do you have your own planet

Yemon: It was Nadun or Nadoon

Smallelk: What happened to Nadun?

Yemon: Big Bang (vision of explosion)

Smallelk: (I got a vision of this Nadun exploding, of their race scattering everywhere, pouring everywhere.)

Yemon: We were the first living on earth. Our race evolved into humans. We are elders. (of that original race)

Smallelk: (the light starts to come on) Is your race the crossed over spirits of unevolved humans? From the beginning?

Yemon: (smiles, he sees I am understanding)

Smallelk: Are there many of your kind?

Yemon: Our numbers are as required at any given time.

Smallelk: Does this mean you don’t always exist physically? You materialize as required?

Yemon: (thinking) We are a collective mind that individualizes and materializes as required. We also enjoy coming through the portal to experience being materialized on earth.

Smallelk: Will you come to me while I sleep and teach me or take me somewhere, ensuring I can exist THERE?

Yemon: You must sleep better. You never reach a deep enough sleep. Go to sleep tonight with no sound or distraction. I will attempt to help you reach a deep sleep.

Smallelk: Thank you so much for this communication Yemon.

My thoughts after this communication, I am very tired and groggy and walking around in a daze assimilating all I have learned.

Yemon: This is only the beginning. <smiles>

Sasquatch Communication Dec 1&2, 2017

Dec. 1/17

I woke up and thought, I wonder if he came and I don’t remember. A voice said, you weren’t wearing the necklace.

December 2, 2017

Smallelk: Can you explain what your existence is like?

Yemon: Our existence is hard to explain in leymans terms. When sitting, we are in sleep time, we recharge. We are nourished from source. Coming to this side for fruit and berries is a delicacy. Humans leave us food, treats, like a treasure hunt. We play with humans.

Smallelk: Do you shapeshift?

Yemon: No, mind control…..for the greater good. We watch over the earth. Humans think of us as guides.

Then woman and boy step forward but they didn’t speak. The boy comes up to Yemon’s chest.

Smallelk: What is the boys name?

Yemon: Nath………

Smallelk: What do you teach him?

Yemon: Survival, telepath for greater good, other tools we use.

Smallelk: Can you give healing to humans?

Yemon: Yes

Smallelk: Would you give me a healing mentally and physically?

Yemon held my head between his hands. I was immobilized. I couldn’t move for the longest time. It was the strongest energy healing I have ever received. Wonderful energy through my whole body. My head was tingling.

Yemon: that’s enough and session ended.

I came to and coughed up a lot of phlem. I walked around in a daze for several minutes. Writing this blog I can’t see clearly, so I was just writing and writing. Then Yemon is speaking without me being in meditation.

Yemon: Humans amuse us. We communicate with serious elders who are about earth. When Shamans communicate with spirit, it is our race even if they don’t realize it. Sasquatch is a human word.

Smallelk: What is your race identified as?

Yemon: (thinks for some time) All that is…..Source…..

Sasquatch communication Nov 30, 2017

OK so I am a medium and when I start getting ringing in my ears that means a spirit or “something” is trying to make contact. Last night I was working on the computer and my ears were ringing like crazy. I mentioned this to Muriel and said no one has come through yet. I also made a joke about Spirit not liking me sitting here in my nightgown and winter boots. Then my ears starting ringing so loud it was deafening. So I thought I better go lay down and pay attention. OMG

When I connect with spirit I encircle myself in protective energy, in my mind I am kinda standing in a lit circle and its all dark outside of this protective circle. Then a spirit will start to approach. Well who walks into my circle but a Sasquatch! He was massive and hairy. After my initial shock I said my name is Smallelk what is yours? He said Yemon.

Yemon: We are very pleased you could understand us.

Smallelk: Unfortunately I don’t have access to alot of audios so won’t be able to do it again.

Yemon smurks: But I am here to communicate with now. (duh smallelk lol)

Smallelk: may I touch you?

Yemon: may I touch you?

Smallelk: yes

so I touched his arm. He ran his hand down my arm and then tapped me very roughly on the top of my head three times.

Smallelk: are you galactic? Or from another parallel universe?

No answer

Smallelk: where do you come from?


Smallelk: you are very illusive. Do you just come through at certain times?

Yemon: for fruit and berries

Smallelk: what is your environment like?

At this question he showed me the portal, I could look through the hole and it was all BLUE. A little darker than the blue of the Skype icon. And I could see mounds which could be their homes?

Smallelk: You are here and I don’t know what to ask. Hmmmm will you teach me?

Yemon: yes

Smallelk: can you come when I am sleeping and take my soul places and make me remember when I wake?

Yemon: yes

Smallelk: and we can talk like this again?

Yemon: if you pay attention next time your ears are ringing.

Smallelk: I can wear something when I am open to communicate.

Yemon then shows me my talisman with the garnet eyes already on it.

Smallelk: do you have family

Yemon: yes,

then I see out in the dark a female and either 1 or 2 children.

Smallelk: will they come in here?

Yemon: not this time, humans are dangerous.

End of part one.

Sasquatch Reversals

This is a HUGE breakthrough in Communication.  I am a Reverse Speech Analyst and recently I analyzed the audio of a Sasquatch on utube.  The results will blow you away!

The doors Reverse Speech can open? This is a video of a guy who has made contact with Sasquatch at his cabin. You don’t see him on video but the guy talks to him trying to make friends and the Sasquatch growls and speaks from the bush or behind his cabin. Sasquatch throws things at him and his car.